TH Rubber

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TH rubber, a specific fluoroelastomer polymer (FPM), was introduced into the aerospace industry in 1957 to fulfill its needs for a high-performance elastomer.

Following its introduction, the usage of TH spread quickly to other industries including the automotive, appliance, chemical and fluid power industries. TH has a strong reputation as a high-performance elastomer in very hot and extremely corrosive environments. TH was also the first fluoroelastomer to obtain worldwide ISO 9000 registration.

TH is a registered trademark of DuPont Performance Elastomers.



  • ASTM D-2000 Classification: HK

  • Oil & Solvent Resistance: Excellent

  • High Temperature Usage: 400°F to 600°F | 204°C to 315°C

Benefits & Advantages

  • Excellent heat stability

  • Resistant to aggressive fuels and chemicals

  • Can meet FDA requirements for food & pharmaceutical applications


  • Fuel system seals & hoses

  • Shaft seals

  • Expansion joints & gaskets

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Common Names:TH?, Fluro Elastomer, FKM

ASTM D-2000 Classification: HK
Chemical Definition: Fluorinated Hydrocarbon

General Characteristics

Aging Weather/ Sunlight: Excellent
Adhesion to Metals: Good

Image of sun. Viton?? rubber has excellent resistance to sunlight and weather. Call Timco Rubber to learn more 1-800-969-6242
Image of a car engine. Viton?? is commonly used in automotive applications, call Timco Rubber to learn more 1-800-969-6242


Abrasion Resistance: Good
Tear Resistance: Good
Solvent Resistance: Excellent
Oil Resistance: Excellent

Temperature Range

Low Temperature Usage: 10°F to -10°F | -12°C to -23°C
High Temperature Usage: 400°F to 600°F | 204°C to 315°C

Additional Properties

Durometer Range (Shore A): 60-90
Tensile Range (P.S.I): 500-2000
Elongation (Max %): 300
Compression Set: Good
Resilience/ Rebound: Fair

Image of Viton rubber hose. Contact Timco Rubber 1-800-969-6242

Image of airplane refueling. Viton?? is the polymer of choice for many of todaya€?s advanced fuel and engine systems. Contact Timco to learn more about Viton Rubber.

TH performance reliability under extreme exposure conditions makes it an attractive material to use in many demanding applications, such as the aerospace and aircraft service industries. TH is also the polymer of choice for many of today's advanced fuel and engine systems.

For example, TH O-rings with a service temp. of -45°C to +275°C will also resist the effects of thermal cycling, which are encountered during the rapid ascent and descent of aircraft from the stratosphere.

Image of an oil field. Viton is oil resistant and frequently used for rubber seals in the oil and gas industry. Contact Timco for more information 1-800-969-6242

TH effectiveness to perform against extremes of heat, chemicals, and fuel mixtures allows it to be used for:

  • fuel seals

  • quick-connect O-rings

  • head & intake manifold gaskets

  • fuel injection seals

  • advanced fuel hose components

Examples of applications and industries where TH is used include:

Automotive Industry

TH  has oil resistant properties that make it the perfect under-hood material. TH is used for:

  • Gaskets

  • Seals

  • O-rings

Aerospace & Aircraft Industry

The high performance properties of TH can be seen in many aircraft components including:

  • Radial lip seals used in pumps

  • Manifold gaskets

  • Cap-seals

  • T-Seals

  • O-rings used in line fittings, connectors, valves, pumps, and oil reservoirs

  • Siphon hoses

Food Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

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